News/ Neuigkeiten

next Performances/ or modeling:

12/18/14 burlesque shows at a dinnershow at „Malzfabrik“ in Berlin

12/05/14 burlesque shows at „Bordello Club  – Roaring 20ties“ in Köln

11/07/14 burlesque shows at „Paradiso Tanzbar“ in Munic

10/25/14 presenting the „Extravaganxa“ in Hamburg

10/11/14 burlesque show in Niesky

09/13/14 performing burlesque shows at „Rock´n Ink Tattoo Festival“, in Chemnitz

08/08/14 performing burlesque shows at „Swingtime  – der sündige Tanzpalast“, at „INSOMNIA Nightclub in Berlin

08/09/14 modeling for Bibian Blue at a fashion show Mera Luna Festival, Hildesheim

08/08/14 performance at „Swingtime – der sündige Tanzpalast“ INSOMNIA Nightclub

06/07/14 performance at Obsession Bizarr at Wave Gotik Treffen, Leipzig

06/05/14 modeling and acting in the play „Der letzte Schrei“ as part of a group from „Theater PACK“, Leipzig, Eventpalast Stötteritz

06/05/14 modeling and acting in the play „Der letzte Schrei“ as part of a group from „Theater PACK“, Leipzig, Eventpalast Stötteritz

05/16/14 performance at Burlesque Zirkus, Halle, steintor-Varieté

04/20/04 modeling in a fashion show and some shootings with designs from the latex label Inner sanctum at Fetish Evolution, Essen

03/08/14 stage bunny at the „Salon Noir – an exotic night of Burlesque“, in Leipzig, Villa Hasenholz

Stage Bunny at the Salon Noir

Stage Bunny at the Salon Noir

02/02/14 a show and a walking act as living dolls at a party for company in Leipzig with my firend and incredible performer „Cara Jluienne“

01/05/14 teaching at a burlesque workshop for beginners in Coburg, Germany

01/04/14 performing two shows at the event „Varieté Varisha“ in Coburg, Germany

Varieté Varisha Coburg 2014

11/31/13 performing at the concert and with the fetish-erotic band „Umbra et Imago“ in Dresden, Germany

Umbra et Imago Silvester-Performance Dresden 2013

11/29/13 performing two shows at the opening party of „Club No.1“ in Lübeck, Germany

Lübeck Club No.1 2013

11/09/13 the label I will be modeling for at the „Dominatrix“ in Uitgeest is „Dawnamatrix„, Netherlands

11/02/13 stage kitten at „Salon Noir – an Exotic Night Of Burlesque  at the „Schausspielhaus/ Exil“ in Chemnitz, Germany

Stage Kitten Salon Noir Vov. 2013 Chemnitz


10/26/13 I will be the presenter at the „Extravaganxa“ in Hamburg, Germany

10/19/13 I will be modeling for the latex label „Savage Wear“ in Berlin at the After Show Party for the „17th Venus“ in Berlin, Germany

10/18/13 I will be modeling for the latex label „Rose Style“ in Berlin, germany

09/14/13 stage kitten at „Salon Noir – an Exotic Night Of Burlesque“ hosted by the incredible „Mama Ulita“ at Villa Hasenholz in Leipzig.Germany

08/10/13 modeling for „Sin Weaver alternative  exclusive fashion“ at an event called „Vernissage – Fashionshow – Jewelry Art – Live Music“  in Munich. Germany

08/03/13  first time of the new performance „perfect wife“ at a bachelor-party in Leipzig

07/20/13 performance with the incredible Jenny Starshine at a private birthday party

11/ 08-09/ 13 will be modeling at the Fetish Event „Dominatirx“ (NL)


 09/ 21/ 13  I will have the honour to be stage kitten by the extraordinary burlesque-event, organized by „Mama Ulita“ (Leipzig)

05/ 19/ 13 I will be modeling for „Amatoris Latex Couture“ at the German Fetish Ball“ in Berlin 

04/ 27/ 13 modeling and performance for „Boutique Reizend“, exclusive event, Leipzig

04/ 20/ 13 „Wilde Orchideen“ Fetish Party in Leipzig, Club R1 – Show

03/31/13 modeling for the latex-design-label „Falanga-Rubber“ at the „Fetish Evolution“ in a fashion-show   

 04/20/13 „Wilde Orchideen“ at the club „R1“ Leipzig (burlesque-fetish-show)

02/09/ 13 “ 10 Jahre Schwarzes Leipzig Geburtstagsparty“ at the club  „Darkflower“ in  Leipzig (burlesque-fetish-show)

01/17/13 „Luft und Liebe-Lounge“ from  Chemie-AG at „Malzfabrik“ in Berlin (burlesque-show)

12/08/12  „Stoned“ in Leipzig  with the wonderfull Bettie Ford ( Musician)!!!  (burlesque-show)

11/24/12  at the „Event-Palast“ in Leipzig at an event for Mellow Message

other exciting news:

04/19/14 shooting with Thomas Bommi Burggraf and some latex from La Cucaracha,

04/05/ 14 shooting with Andreas Collandi and the Nylon Family for Nylon Family project

04/04/14 shooting with Christian Woytisjak, corsetts and pin up

03/28/14 shooting and video with „Nylon Family“

03/21/14 shooting with Frl. Bishop and a latex catsuit from Violacous Latex

the agency „We Are Unlike You“ is now promoting me as a model and performer

planning another shooting with the incredible Frl. Bishop from „Ikonopoesie“ and a dress from „Violacious Latex“

working on two new shows, kind of funny acts. 😉  One of them in cooperation with some colleagues/ fellow artists 😉

august/ september 2013:

shooting with the fabulous photographer from „Vanity photography“ for a new latex label ( name is coming soon)

shooting with  „ART punk pictures“

for the latex label  „Isabeau Ouvert“

july 2013: 

shootings with Frl. Bishop for „Falanga Rubber“,and Latex combined with nylon with  Andreas Collandi

may 2013: some exciting shootings are planned

1. with Frl. Bischop/ Ikonopoesie

2. with Chris Abart/ AbART – Photographie  (

and some latex designs from „Amatoris Latex Couture“

april 2013:  The „Riot Vixen Magazine“ will be printing a fwe pictures from my shootings with „Vaine Votos“ and „Stefan Weber“ in the 1st „Pin-Up-Issue“


march 2013: The „Riot Vixen Magazine“ will be printing a picture of my shooting with „Wieglas“ at the historical City-Bath of Leipzig from 2011

01/31/13 measured my whole body for beeing a part of „Boombastic-Rubbers“ Fashion         Shows 🙂

It seems, that I will be modeling for the extraordinary „Asmondena Sternenglanz“ and her latex-fashion-label „Boombastic Rubber„. I´m really looking forward to it! 😀